Over the past 15 years, in Australia and more recently in Canada, Deanna has facilitated a series of 
and three-day workshops which demonstrate the links between our emotional, physical and

psychological well-being, and our attitudes beliefs and behaviors.  Click here for feedback from past


  • Live A New Reality - Entry  &  Advanced Levels

  • Integrative Health & Healing

  • De-mystifying Eating Disorders & Weight Loss

  • Kick Start Your Weight Loss

  • Realizing Your Dreams & Goals (Abundance)

  • Connecting & Communicating Effectively

  • Relationship - Parts 1 & 2

  • The Creative Power of Mind, Emotion
    & Quantum Energy

  • Live as The Person You Were Born To Be!

Upcoming Events - Fall / Winter 2019


A series of Webinars, focused on the topics listed below,  is planned for Fall / Winter 2019. 
Please revisit this page for updates to the schedule which will be posted in coming months. 

  • Who Are You, Really?

  • Heart to Heart: Creating Love & Healthy Relationships

  • No More Secrets: Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse  

  • De-Mystifying Eating Disorders & Weight Loss

  • Living the Virtual Dream (Abundance)

You will learn the principles of Neuroscience and Epigenetics as they apply to cellular healing.
Using simple, powerful protocols and interactive exercises, you will develop a more profound understanding of Self, maximize your healing potential, and become empowered to:

  • instantly release limiting beliefs, fears and negative emotions

  • reprogram unhealthy thought patterns & behaviors

  • create effective change at cellular level

  • embrace Higher Consciousness

  • experience & enjoy immediate results

  • live as a happier, freer you!

If you are interested in participating, or would like to be notified about any updates to the schedule, please click here to send an email.
No payment is required until booking dates are announced. 


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