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From Health Professionals

Following are endorsements from professionals within the Health fraternity with whom I have worked as a colleague, or who have attended weekend workshops, or have been a private session client, or all of the above, either in Australia or more recently in Canada. 

Dr. Sarah Roth, (Berrett) BSc., ND.
Marda Loop Naturopathic & Wellness Clinic , Calgary, AB

"I ABSOLUTELY loved it!  As a Naturopathic Doctor who treats mostly mental health conditions, during most of the book, I felt like I was reading the book I would have written if I ever sat down to do it. I enjoyed doing the exercises myself and feel very inspired to share both your book and many of its resources with my patients."

Dr. Marc Boutet ND.
Clinical Director - Wellbeing Naturopathic Clinic,  Salmon Arm, BC


"Deanna's Virtual Reality program is an impressively effective therapy on the mind/body level.  A safe way to disconnect the emotional component from past memories, release destructive thought patterns, and move forward as a freer more authentic you. I would challenge anyone to try this therapy and not get meaningful results."

Terry S., Ph.D. Psychologist
In Private Practice. Privacy requested. 

"Even though I am a therapist experienced in traditional, psycho-spiritual, and somatic approaches, I was shocked at the power (without causing emotional overwhelm), depth, and efficiency of Deanna's process. Deanna is a world class healer. 
Her method redefines my concept of how long healing takes (even compared to EMDR) and who can participate in it. One of my friends cleared major depression, another crippling anxiety, and myself core personality issues in 1 to 2 sessions plus there were many healing transpersonal add-ons.  This is incredible beyond your best expectation." 

Deena B., Counselor 
In Private Practice. Privacy requested. BC


"I’ve “talk-counseled” others my entire life, but now have these incredible new tools that work on a completely different energy level. I agree with the author that mind-body healing is the way of the future. Before coming to see me, many of my clients tried numerous ways to deal with their health and emotional issues with limited success.
The results I have seen using these techniques are incredible! The process is simple, safe, and empowering for both myself as a practitioner and my clients as results, in most cases, become immediately evident. The author has effectively developed practical, powerful exercises and scripts that can work in minutes."    

Savannah F., MD.
In Private Practice. Privacy requested. BC., Canada


"Deanna is an exceptional healer, teacher and genuine spirit. It is obvious that her clarity and intention are inspired from purity, and her guidance sourced from integrity. From the course, I gained skills beyond what I had imagined. I am now able to assist others and myself in a dynamic and efficient manner, superseding most other realms of previous training.

In private sessions, I experienced profound healing on many levels. I sensed peace and calmness in a way not previously felt and this clearing created the sweetest of foundations. My take away message was one of possibility, positive regard, and knowing that in any instance or thought, I am able to heal, transform or shift. I am grateful for the remarkable example of boundaries and balance that Deanna demonstrates. This modeling will facilitate me in my personal and professional roles. "

Greg Scanlon
Clinic Director and Resident Acupuncturist  - Access Natural Health, Brisbane. QLD.

"I found Deanna to be approachable, supportive and able to communicate with authority and integrity about the healing process. 
My clients were also able to derive great benefit from her ability to clarify the connection between their emotional states and beliefs with their current physical complaint.


Over the time we worked together she was a sought-out member of our team. I wholeheartedly recommend Deanna LoTerzo and the profound healing services she provides to any prospective client or community of healers."

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