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 My Story

"Not so long ago, I would not have believed it possible to be living my life of choice.
Not just living it, but thriving, happy, waking every day with a sense of unbridled
enthusiasm for life and for the contributions I make to others lives. 

Who knew it would be possible to actually enjoy the transition from workaholic frenzy
to meditative calm, from a hearty European diet to veganism, from intrepid traveler
to Rick Steve's virtual companion, from designer business suits, hose and heels to
leggings and denim, from fruity Merlot to fruit smoothies, from hours spent on lush
green fairways to similar on a purple yoga mat, from bookworm to author, from
buttery French pastries to gluten-free vegan brownies? And, with absolutely no
regrets. I'm healthier, more creative and happier than I've ever been."


  • Deanna brings to her clients and students a safe haven of healing in a non-judgmental, nurturing environment. She encourages the active practice of truth, compassion, love, and personal accountability as the pathway to a life of harmony, joy and vitality.

  • Endlessly fascinated by how the mind works, Deanna seamlessly blends her Life Coaching
    role with a passion for the latest findings in neuroscience together with comprehensive
    training from inspirational Masters of meditation and of the Metaphysical healing arts.


  • Her commitment to life-long-learning continues with the recent addition of a Diploma in
    Family Studies which focused upon the sociology, psychology and history of the North
    American family dynamic.

  • Born to Christianity, Deanna later discovered a world of mystical beliefs and spirituality to which she was more aligned. 

  • A meaningful period of her own transition to a ‘new reality’ was the seven months spent
    on sabbatical & meditation in Nepal, 2005-2006. Deanna shares a few fun and enlightening experiences of that journey in her book -
    Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life.

  • Most Significant Achievement:  The development of a series of powerful self-help techniques, grounded in neuroscience and mindfulness, in response to her confrontation with an episode of life-threatening cancer. And, of course, the book which shares those tools with readers.

These techniques have consistently demonstrated, for almost two decades, how it is possible to use simple sensory techniques to reverse-engineer emotional trauma, unhappy memories and rigid beliefs from cellular memory. Referred to by many as "an attainable miracle for your life," these gentle yet powerful tools facilitate instant results and lasting change.


Earlier Days

Over 20 years experience in both international and boutique Management Services & Recruitment Consultancies commencing as a recruitment consultant. Years later upon her premature retirement due to illness she held the position of working Director, Board member and Senior Consultant to Local Government and corporate enterprise clients.  

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