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Psychotherapy & Coaching

"Deanna LoTerzo is an an amazing therapist. Sharp in her intuition, a gifted healer and a skilled psychotherapist. All the qualities I look for in a transformational therapist. Deanna's work is simple, transparent and to the point. No time to spin in circles re hashing your old story, you will make progress so fast you won't believe it's happening. When you're ready to change your life and live fully, Deanna will feel like the answered prayer that's walked into your life."

Rev Nicole Powell (Vancouver Isl., BC)

My promise to you is an enlightened mind / body approach to emotional healing, empowerment and resilienceWhen you discover what you are truly capable of, you'll be amazed, and will never settle for anything less! 

Ours will be a conscious interactive communication. As a client, you remain in full control of the process and its pace. There is no hypnosis or regression therapy involved.  The simple sensory techniques we engage serve merely to help you access your inherent creative abilities, those that have been dulled or overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life. These transitions are gentle yet powerful, and take immediate effect. 

My clients and workshop participants come from all walks of life, across a broad spectrum of spiritual philosophies and diverse cultural backgrounds. 
For endorsements from health professionals click here, and for more from happy clients,
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The New Sciences 

Recent findings in the fields of neurobiology and epigenetics prove that you alone have
creative control over who you are and would like to be, your health and your future. 
Here are a few facts worth knowing:

  • We are predominantly influenced by our emotions, beliefs and environment, not by genetic inheritance.

  • We are each the co-creator of our life experience.

  • Your creative brain responds equally to an imagined event as it does to a lived experience. Who knew?

  • Neuroplasticity, our brain's ability to change and adapt to new circumstances, is lifelong. 

  • Lasting, effective change to toxic emotions, self-destructive thoughts and bad habits happen instantaneously as your brain creates new pathways.  

That knowledge is empowering and freeing. It means your life no longer needs to be defined by fears and past misjudgments. You do not have to feel hopeless or helpless in any way, nor ever feel like a victim. Are you ready to start over?

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