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"Your approach is upbeat, enthusiastic & humorous!"

"I like that your presentation was clear, direct & confident - a no-nonsense approach. Made concepts easy to grasp."

"Your answers were always thoughtful and you took the time to expand on the original question to give us extra insight..... approachable and believable."

"Thank you, we leave inspired..."


"It is still a wonderment to me that something so easy can have such a powerful effect in changing our lives."



Deanna is an experienced speaker currently available to speak (keynotes, seminars, workshops, panels, etc.) at all types of venues and audiences (educators, naturopathic doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, women’s recovery groups, counselors, organizations that support natural, complementary and alternative therapies).

Scroll down to a list of the most popular workshops.

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  • Deanna speaks to empower others to take control of their life experience largely by
    identifying the links 
    between their thoughts and intentions, their emotional inventory and the consequence of their choices.  


  • She challenges the notion of life lived as a Conditioned Self – existing, but only with fleeting

     glimpses of happiness, distanced from their goals and potential vs an authentic life as the
     True Self, empowered, 
courageous, creative, expressive and thriving.  


  • Then, to embrace a radically different way of thinking, and an appreciation of our extraordinary inherent capacity to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

  • In seeking to ignite the creative spark within each audience member, Deanna demonstrates how to play with imagination in the construct of a new beginning, and a new reality.

  •  Her content is well researched, her delivery is interactive and entertaining.







Deanna's future presentations would likely follow the trend of her most popular workshops, which are
listed here: 

    • Live A New Reality - Entry  &  Advanced Levels

    • De-mystifying Eating Disorders & Weight Loss

    • Living the Virtual Dream (Abundance)

    • Connecting & Communicating Effectively

    • Heart to Heart: Creating Love & Healthy Relationships Parts 1 & 2

    • The Creative Power of Mind, Emotion & Quantum Energy

Previous Presentations

HOST:     Health Action Network Society (HANS) Canada – Vancouver                
EVENT:   Mind-alive!’  Conference, Vancouver Convention Center
TOPIC:    Live a New Reality! 

                 HANS is a non-profit society dedicated to ensuring Canadians have knowledge of and access

                 to the powerful and effective properties of natural, complementary and alternative medicines
                 and therapies.

HOST:     Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic, Maple Ridge

EVENT:   Self-Empowerment Series
TOPIC:    Are You Living in Physical or Emotional Pain?    
                 Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight

HOST:     Business Network International (BNI) Canada, Dynamo Chapter                 

TOPIC:    Live As The Person You Were Born To Be  
                 BNI is a global business networking organization.

HOST:     The Canadian Society of Questers, Central Okanagan Chapter                                
TOPIC:    The Creative Power Of Mind & Emotion

                 Questers is a non-profit organisation which promotes the exploration of each individuals’ natural                   abilities on their quest for personal harmony. It also seeks to correlate modern science with the                     philosophies and metaphysics of various cultures throughout the ages.   

HOST:     Women’s AM, Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows                 

TOPIC:    Live As The Person You Were Born To Be    

                 Women’s AM is an organization offering women a forum for business and personal networking,                       a chance to build a base for mutual support and motivation.  

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