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About the Book 

Our hearts, minds and our spirits are constantly in a state of flux, dependent upon what is happening moment-to-moment around and within us. When we allow external influences to impact our very core through fear or confusion, the potential to shine as the luminous beings we were born to be, is stonewalled. The constructive interplay of creative ideas and inspired solutions we need to feed our best life is lost.

Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life: An Unbelievably Simple Path to Rapid, Remarkable Change, heals and transforms lives. It answers the question of 'how do I get from this place to where I want to be?' Many chapters will surprise, if not shock readers into a new paradigm. We begin the process of self-exploration with simple, fun mindful exercises. Step-by- step readers are guided into the awareness of their unique creative and healing capacities, those we are all born with, and which go largely untapped. They learn how use conscious intention to capture their dreams, imagination and aspirations.

Then, to rapidly reprogram misguided thoughts, self-sabotaging behaviors, and corrosive emotions using a powerful series of situation-specific Emotional & Behavioral Inventories which support their new goals and direction. Readers need no longer be defined by past mistakes, trauma, guilt, and fears

In keeping with the natural order of things, I use the analogy of gardening. In preparation for a new season of growth, for new seeds to take hold, soil needs to be free of weeds and other impediments which limit the seeds capacity to germinate and flourish. The reason many self-help programs and positive-thinking books largely disappoint is that they totally disregard the need to lay a proper foundation. Almost without exception, those who have worked with this program have been amazed that transformation can happen instantaneously - when they know how. And are equally amazed at how soon they reduce their stress levels, enjoy fuller freedom of expression, and be no longer triggered by certain people or circumstances or limited by false perceptions.

Based on a fifteen-year series of successful workshops, this book is proven. It excites and inspires. It's also easy to read, without hard-to-understand or hard-to-implement ideas. It's interactive. And it's well researched. Established findings and wisdom of experts re included in a concise way.

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