Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life, is a game-changer! It uses simple, proven techniques grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rapidly move you beyond limiting thoughts, fears, negative emotions and destructive behaviors.

  • It raises the bar on what it means to be fully empowered, resilient and happy, no longer defined by your past; lifelong optimism, love and joy is well within your reach.

  • Discover 5 paradigm-shifting facts in the first four chapters that will forever alter the way you see yourself,your potential and your world.  

  • Learn how to use Emotional Inventories - a unique resource included in these chapters: Reclaim Your Identity, No More Secrets: Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse, De-Mystifying Eating Disorders & Weight Loss.

  • Read inspirational stories and case notes of amazing transformations to newfound self-assurance, health and happiness.

  • Access powerful, but unbelievably easy exercises to help you explore your innate creative intelligence and expand your consciousness.  

Set aside all preconceived notions that solutions need be complex, hard-learned and rigid. Those don’t apply here. The key to rapid, radical and lasting transformation is simplicity!


Deanna LoTerzo, an Italo-Australian by birth, has been a successful psychotherapist, life coach and spiritual mentor for over 18 years, now living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

She overcame decades of abuse, chronic depression, cancer and a workaholic nature to become a source of hope, faith and courage to countless others. Deanna attributes her survival to a life-changing sabbatical in Nepal, the contents of this book, and her boundless, offbeat Australian humor.


Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life


"This is an inspirational, helpful, and engaging self-help book.... 
about how we as individuals can reach our fullest potential .....stimulating information about the latest research in psychology and neurobiology .....very thought-provoking ....powerful activities and exercises in easy-to-understand steps....the work with the emotion inventories is particularly strong."  

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