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For the last 15+ years, I’ve been exploring, researching, and teaching about the human spirit, self-empowerment and the body’s innate capacity to heal. I inspire, inform and coach others how to make sustainable change, realize their goals, and live a truly authentic life through one-on-one consultations, and a series of successful self-help workshops.

Consults and webinars are offered online, via Skype or phone. Click here for testimonials from clients who are now enjoying stress-free, creative and expressive lives. You can do the same thing!

The Backstory 

My best life commenced when I detached from a successful career in business management in response to a mid-life, not-so-optimistic prognosis. Not surprisingly, I became immersed in the investigation of the emotional and psychological links to physical 'dis-ease'. I discovered the true cause of my illness as layer-upon-layer of self-defeating subconscious beliefs and behavioral patterns anchored by negative emotions and unhappy memories. 


Declining traditional post-surgical treatments, I opted for alternative therapies which could heal my emotional pain. In the process, I developed a series of simple sensory techniques which spontaneously release limiting beliefs, fears, behavioral patterns and negative 

emotions. They are based on the scientific fact shared below, and proved remarkably effective in healing my mind, body and spirit. They have since altered the trajectory of my life.  Well on my way to a surprising, but determined recovery, I was approached by two  natural health clinics to provide support for their patients. The results were beyond encouraging.  Now, fully emerged as my True Self, and thriving, I continue to be committed to helping others heal, transform, reclaim their lives, and rediscover their authenticity. Click here for endorsements from associate health professionals.


The Science Of Empowerment, Resilience & Happiness

Recent findings in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics have proven that you alone have creative control over who you are and would like to be, your health and your future. Here are some facts worth knowing:

  • Advances in bio-technology have opened the minds of even the most rigid scientific thinkers, challenging what they thought they knew as fact

  • For generations, we have been taught that we have minimal control over our physical, emotional and psychological health - NOW DISPROVED

  • Also, that our DNA’s genetic inheritance is our destiny, ironclad and unalterable - NOW DISPROVED 

  • Those same stunning new discoveries also prove that what we once thought impossible is not only possible, it’s readily accessible - to each of us

  • Click here to find more facts that can change your life - today!

That knowledge is empowering and freeing. It means your life no longer needs to be defined by fears and past misjudgments. You do not have to feel hopeless or helpless in any way, nor ever feel like a victim. Instead, you will soon see that it means you have creative control over the evolution of your future and that of your loved ones. You will be surprised at just how easy it is to take control of your life when you are prepared to move through your fears and let go of everything that no longer serves your best interests. 

What Do You Want / Need Help With?  


The list below includes difficulties faced by clients who have come from all walks of life, across a broad spectrum of spiritual philosophies and diverse cultural backgrounds. We have been able to overcome their challenges and make sustainable change. I can help you, too.

  • Overcome self-destructive patterns / habits

  • Manage stress, anxiety or depression, or lack of motivation

  • Re-build self-confidence or self-esteem

  • Relationship issues - intimate, family or professional

  • Recovery from sexual, physical or emotional abuse 

  • Eating Disorders, weight control and body image

  • Early-childhood neglect or abandonment

  • Deal more effectively with transitions such as separation & divorce

  • Develop better interpersonal & communication skills

  • Extend your boundaries, explore new possibilities

  • Lead a more meaningful & fulfilling life

Having shared many of those experiences, repeated betrayal and trauma, I know what you are going through. Now, life is good, better than I could have imagined.


Whatever your challenge, be assured it is possible to transform lives of uncertainty, stress, anxiety, stagnation, confusion, or depression, to those of harmony, happiness, productivity, creative endeavor and fulfillment. Perhaps you are already living the dream, but are now ready to expand your consciousness, to live a more enlightened existence. I can help you with that, too. Hear from others who are now living in joy!

Ours will be a conscious interactive communication. As a client, you remain in full control of the process and its pace. There is no hypnosis or regression therapy involved.  The simple sensory techniques we engage serve merely to help you access your inherent natural resources, those that have been dulled or overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life. These transitions are gentle yet powerful, and take immediate effect. 

​They will also rekindle your innate abilities to problem-solve, mend relationship issues, and form meaningful new connections as you consciously make life-affirming choices the foundation of your new reality. There’s no going back!


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