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"Deanna LoTerzo is an an amazing therapist. Sharp in her intuition, a gifted healer and a skilled psychotherapist. All the qualities I look for in a transformational therapist. Deanna's work is simple, transparent and to the point. No time to spin in circles re hashing your old story, you will make progress so fast you won't believe it's happening. When you're ready to change your life and live fully, Deanna will feel like the answered prayer that's walked into your life."

Rev Nicole Powell

For the last 18+ years, as a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, and recent author, I’ve been exploring, researching, and teaching about the human spirit, self-empowerment, healing, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Join countless others who have recreated their lives. They've learned
how to rapidly reverse-engineer negative emotions, trauma and
allowing them to:

  • Live Happy! That means stress free / anxiety free

  • Overcome self-destructive patterns / habits

  • Resolve relationship issues - intimate, family or professional

  • Find loving supportive relationships

  • Recover from sexual, physical or emotional abuse 

  • Overcome self-image & weight-related issues & eating disorders

  • Deal effectively with transitions such as separation & divorce

  • Re-build self-confidence or self-esteem & develop emotional resilience 

  • Maximize their potential, explore new possibilities

Click here for testimonials from clients and from health professionals.

Consultations. Experience neuroscience in action for rapid results whatever your starting point. Click here for the next step. 

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