New Book -Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life,
Due for Release - Fall 2021

"This is an inspirational, helpful, and engaging self-help book. It offers an exciting and fresh look at how we as individuals can reach our fullest potential .....stimulating information about the latest research in psychology and neurobiology .....very thought-provoking ....powerful activities and exercises in easy-to-understand steps....
the work with the emotion inventories is particularly strong." 

(Independent Editorial Service).

This book heals and changes lives. It challenges the accepted notion of what it is to be self-empowered, then raises the bar to a whole new level.  It offers a vibrant new reality, an enlightened life of wellness, passion, prosperity and purpose. It's a "how to get whatever you want in life" type of  book. 


Based on a long-running series of successful workshops, this book is proven. It empowers readers to make rapid, sustainable change and to achieve emotional freedom.

Chapters include: Reclaim Your Identity and Self Esteem, No More Secrets: Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse, De-Mystifying Eating Disorders and Weight Loss, Embracing the Flow of Money and Abundance, Advanced Integration Tools.

Start the journey to a new, happier life today, with this inspiring, thought-provoking book!


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