Due for Release - Fall 2021

Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life

"This is an inspirational, helpful, and engaging self-help book. It offers an exciting and fresh look at how we as individuals can reach our fullest potential .....stimulating information about the latest research in psychology and neurobiology .....very thought-provoking ....powerful activities and exercises in easy-to-understand steps....the work with the emotion inventories is particularly strong."  (Independent Editorial Service).

Have you been conditioned to accept the unacceptable?
Believe that you will never reach your goals?
Lost confidence in yourself or feel your day-to-day life is like
pushing water uphill with a fork?

If so, take heart. Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life:

  • Proves that you no longer have to be defined by past mistakes, fears, and self-destructive behaviors.

  • Shows you how to find loving, lasting relationships, heal those that are broken, and forever leave the past behind.

  • Shares proven techniques and tools that release self-destructive thoughts, emotions and rigid beliefs, in minutes.

  • Introduces the paradigm-busting discoveries from neuroscience and positive psychology which anchor those techniques.

  • Features unique Emotional Inventories that heighten self-awareness and accelerate healing. Individually, they deal with issues of identity and self- esteem, recovery from abuse, de-mystifying eating disorders, and much more.

  • Includes reassuring accounts of real people whose lives have been permanently changed.

  • And, most importantly, delivers rapid, radical, and lasting transformation!


With subconscious thoughts and emotions accounting for over ninety percent of our interactions with the external world, it is essential we learn how to use our creative, intuitive intelligence to access the inspired solutions we need to feed our best life.


Author Deanna LoTerzo developed these techniques to overcome a life tainted by sexual, emotional, and physical abuse which fueled decades of chronic depression and a life-threatening confrontation with breast cancer. Opting for non-traditional post-surgical therapies, Deanna attributes her survival and happiness to the mind-body protocols she shares here and in private consultations and workshops. The story of her own amazing transformation offers a message of hope, faith, and courage – sprinkled with a healthy dose of dry, offbeat Australian humor.



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