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Mindful Integration: An Enlightened Approach to Emotional Healing, Empowerment & Resilience 

Mindful Integration heals. It challenges the accepted notion of what it is to be self-empowered: it raises the bar to a whole new level.  It bridges the gap between your current state of being and a vibrant new reality. That reality is one in which you pass beyond toxic emotions, belief systems and maladaptive behaviors, to an enlightened life of wellness, passion, prosperity and purpose.  

Along with my own challenges, I share many true-life stories of healing and transformation of clients and workshop participants who are now also living their life of choice – well beyond expectation.

Whether you are teetering on the edge of a precipice looking for guidance, or a seasoned devotee of self-help books, Mindful Integration: An Enlightened Approach to Emotional Healing, Empowerment & Resilience will forever change what you believe about who you are, and what you are instinctively capable of.  

You will learn:  

  • Rapid, effective & lasting  ways to resolve stress, develop resilience and emotion self-regulation

  • From bioscience, 7 little-known facts that will turn everything you believe about yourself & your potential, upside down

  • How to use your innate creativity to reprogram your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors

  • Simple, safe tools that you can use life-long to support your changing goals and aspirations 

  • and much more!

Start the journey to a new, happier life today, with this inspiring, thought-provoking book!


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